Privacy Policy

One of the main objectives of the brand Lurreli. com is respecting the privacy of its uses if its website and prioritizing on their safety. In retrospect, a high level of assurance is guaranteed to the confidence that all information provided thereby is absolutely confidential in view of all parties concerned including third parties. However, no responsibility is undertaken for third parties where the mentioning of it is separate. Focusing on the protection of your privacy rights on the system and site controlled by us, no liability whatsoever for cases of cyber-attacks and unauthorized or unlawful disclosure by third-party members such as advertises and websites that are linked with our site.

Under the banner of, all data collected, stored and processed is in all legal norms solely for the purpose of mutual understanding based on a contractual understanding of the provider and the user pertaining to all services as and when required. All goods put into the shopping cart, can be used by, for all necessary marketing strategies. Furthermore, for the purpose of improving and enhancing our products and services. The said date lay be used for research purposes. Adhering to the gathering of personal information means that needs such as contact details such as address, first and surnames, fixed/ mobile phone contacts. We further assure you that our website and all relevant systems are 100 per cent secured against all technological to the inner circle of the company. This covers losses incurred against destruction, unauthorized access, modification and distribution of said personal data by any unauthorized persons. However, considering the immensity of cybercrimes globally, the aforesaid precautions are beyond the control of the company